Filippo De Laurentiis is a project which, beginning with workmanship and experience, won’t refrain from introducing new ideas and creating new design combinations.

The way in which our fibers are selected and mixed together are represented in our products and show the research and passion that have gone into developing each piece.
Artisanally produced knitwear is created with much care to the style and attention to every detail and are immediately recognizable. The 2018 Autumn/Winter collection was created with the metropolitan man in mind; a man who has a thousand things to do, but who has the desire to feel comfortable in every moment of the day.

Colors with nuances that stand out, original design and a series of creations which can dress a man for the most formal occasions as well as for casual moments.
We could define this style as ‘total yarn’ which includes cotton to light wool, from blazers to sweaters  and then to the warmest of turtleneck sweaters which allow one to face the most rigid of temperatures without losing one’s sense of style.
Our knitwear comes from our imagination, we realize these dreams, we propose these projects in the most precious and comfortable textiles. Seeing them worn and taken into consideration is our greatest result.